Monday, October 20, 2008

Field Extension

The content in today's blog, assumes that you feel comfortable with the idea of fields. For review of this concept, start here.

Definition 1: subfield

A set B is a subfield of a set A if both A,B are fields and B is a subset of A.

Definition 2: field extension

A set A is a field extension of a set B if B is a subfield of A.

Definition 3: R=F(u)

A field R = F(u) if and only if the following is true:

(i) u is a number that may or may not be part of the field F

(ii) For any numbers x ∈ R, there exists coefficients a0, ..., an such that all ai ∈ F and x = a0un + a1un-1 + ... + an.

The important idea behind Definittion 3 above is that F(u) is a field extension of F.


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